Danish Health Professionals Attitudes and Beliefs towards Addressing Patients Sexuality.

Maria Klokkeide

Objective: To explore multidisciplinary health professionals´ management of, and attitudes towards addressing patient related sexual issues, including the effect of relevant education on barriers towards these issues. 

Methods: A self-constructed questionnaire including SABS (Sexuality Attitudes and Beliefs Survey) and a modified version of a questionnaire from a Norwegian multidisciplinary study was administrated to 836 nurses, doctors and midwives across 7 different wards at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.  

Results: 97,3% of all the respondents (n=385, 46% response rate) considered the subject of sexuality relevant in the treatment offered to patients within their field. Lack of time was the main barrier towards addressing the issue. Midwives had significantly fewer barriers towards addressing patients sexuality compared to nurses (p<0,001) and doctors (p<0,001). 18% of the respondents had relevant education within sexuality. Health professionals with relevant education had significantly fewer barriers (p<0,001), and addressed sexuality more frequently than those without. 65% of the health professionals identified a need for relevant education within sexuality in their field of work.

Conclusion: Danish health professionals find sexuality relevant within patient care. Relevant education is significantly effective on reducing barriers and is according to the health professionals needed within all fields.

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